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Meeting using a wireless collaboration device

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)

Introducing Bring Your Own Meeting… We have all heard of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), your workplace might even be using this… but what is the next steps to take after BYOD? The world and the way we work has changed. Employees want more flexibility, remote work environments and prefer

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Combining Hand Sanitising With Digital Signage

To help customers in every sector combat COVID-19, we are now supplying the latest range of specifically targeted solutions. The most popular solution being the digital advertising / signage display which comes with its own in built hand sanitising station.  To view the pandemic solution range we offer, please click

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covid 19 solutions

Post-Lockdown Product Range

HTS can help with planning for life post-lockdown by supplying a wide range of products from thermal/ temperature detection units, germ-resistant touchscreens through to partition panels. Our aim is to provide you with products that add that extra layer of protection for your organisation.  Previous Next Covid Protection Barrier. Protect

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Conferencing Meeting Space Infrastructure

it’s 2020, we are in the era of digital transformation! Companies need to be both fast and agile to keep ahead of competition. Those that master the digital transformation will see a dramatic increase in revenues and profitability, while those that do not will struggle to survive.  ZK Research explores

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Ten Simple Rules To Make Meetings Matter

Avoid The Meeting Room Disasters With These Simple Rules. Meetings are a part of everyday life at work, so why do so many of us dislike them? Well, the reasons range from poor planning to wasted time. It may also be the sheer number of them. In the UK alone

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Entry sign booking in system

Entry Sign In & Visitor Management System

Signing In & Out… As Easy As 1-2-3! Replacing those traditional paper-based visitor books, often found on reception desks, EntrySign simplifies the process of signing visitors, staff and students in and out of your site. These systems can even print customised visitor passes and, at the same time, captures important

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What is a Huddle Space?

What Is A Huddle Space? To get a good idea of what a huddle space looks like, imagine the way a family might huddle around a fire, or how a sports team might huddle together to plan their moves. Just as the name implies, joining a team together through mutual

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Digital Signage display in the shop window

Digital signage: is it really worth your time, effort or money?

Why Digital Signage Is Important Spreading the word and drawing in new customers relates to the growth and success of your business. This is particularly true if you have a restaurant, retail store and other types of businesses that rely on foot traffic. The sign is one form of marketing

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