Sneeze & cough guards.

Protects you, your employees and your customers.

In the light of recent events around the World and the challenges it is posing to us all; we need to think how will we return to work safely and for the long term how will we maintain social distancing?

Stay alert and be safe: Protect your staff and customers against virus infection with these protective sneeze and cough guards that are working as transparent dividing protection walls. These mobile barriers are designed especially to meet the Covid government requirements for Social Distancing in the workplace as they are made to a professional/commercial standard. They can come on wheels or standalone guards. Made out of a semi-rigid material with good impact resistance and fully recyclable.

mobile protection barrier

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office protection barrier
protection barrier

Advantages of the cough barrier.

in or out

With powder coated steel frames they are suitable for both internal and external use.


Each barrier comes with four industrial standard lockable wheels enabling the barriers to be easily moved from one surface to another.


They can be linked together forming one continuous barrier.


When not in use they can be stacked taking minimal space.


Chemical resistance against cleaning agents, mineral oils, solvents and alcohol.

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