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Huddle rooms are small meeting areas equipped with audio, video and display system technology. They are among the fastest growing meeting room types today as businesses look to modern collaboration technologies to make better use of their office real estate. The small design, seating up to four people, is ideal when you need a quiet place to join a video meeting or collaborate on a project. These rooms have unique requirements for success, including a wide angle lens with pan and tilt to ensure everyone in the room is seen, and built-in audio to save space. Our huddle room solutions are optimised for these criteria, helping your business get the most out of these small spaces. Plus, all our conference cameras are compatible with familiar applications, offering an easy way to collaborate. 


Video Cam

All-in-one conference cam with 120° diagonal field of view, 4K optics and integrated audio. Perfect for huddle rooms! See everyone, even those close to the camera, has a compact design to minimise cabling and clutter and works with all video conferencing applications. 


Expansion Mic

Add-on microphone with mute control for extended audio range. 

Because huddle rooms vary in size, the extension mic provides greater flexibility in different room configurations. It extends audio range to 8 seats. 

MeetUp TV mount w Product Front

LED Or Interactive Display

Having half a dozen people crammed round someone’s laptop may be a little too close for comfort for many people. Having a wall mounted screen that users can easily connect to will make video conferencing meetings, presentations and discussions much simpler and more comfortable.


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