The Advantages Of SMART Boards In The Classroom

students using the smart board

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SMART boards, the most innovative idea to come to the classroom. It’s an interactive whiteboard that can do everything that your computer does. The interactive board turns a typical classroom lesson into a fun, more interactive environment. It enriches the classroom in several ways by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting.

Here are a few amazing advantages why SMART boards are an essential component in the modern day classroom:

  • They broaden teaching styles: On the traditional whiteboards, students could only watch what was going on. However, on the other hand the new smart boards enable the students to reach out and interact with the items on the board – allowing a new way for the teachers to teach! Not only does this develop a finer appreciation of what something means but more importantly by interacting with the objects they can relate it to themselves. A key element to getting people to really learn and engage!
  • Provide flexibility: Numerous amounts of media can be displayed on the boards – including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, games and videos. This variety not only enriches the classroom experience but also helps to expand the nature of content being used for learning. Overall allowing for a more dynamic learning experience due to the many forms of presenting information and styles.
  • Access to online resources: Teachers can easily access a rich database of online resources, such as knowledge databases, online videos and news items to reinforce their lessons. Learners can also quickly access the wide range of powerful tools and resources to conduct research.
  • They really do work: There are millions of smart boards being utilised across the UK and the world. Overwhelmingly students and teachers find that they really add effectiveness of teaching, with students reporting that they feel more engaged in the lessons (Parmeter, 2016).

Incorporating SMART displays to the classroom environment is likely to benefit the way teachers engage students in their lessons and simplify the learning process for the students. It is an ideal tool for any classroom setting, easily engage students with the many practicalities of the smart board.

For more information on SMART boards or to receive a free no obligation quotation, talk to one of our experts – 01905840777 or email HTS at

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