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pates grammar

HTS Solve Pates Grammar Schools Interference Issue

Creating a vibrant learning community at Pates Grammar School Combining existing AV systems with device-laden modern students can present interesting challenges, as Pates Grammar School in Cheltenham found out. In the school’s refectory, where students gather for breaks and meals, any time the mobile data network was activated on a device, it

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students using the smart board

The Advantages Of SMART Boards In The Classroom

SMART boards, the most innovative idea to come to the classroom. It’s an interactive whiteboard that can do everything that your computer does. The interactive board turns a typical classroom lesson into a fun, more interactive environment. It enriches the classroom in several ways by providing hands on collaboration and

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smart document camera

Introducing The SMART Document Camera 650

 5/5 The latest product launch for EdTech! The SMART Document Camera 650 – Get hands on with digital learning… Create dynamic, multimedia lessons with hands-on, interactive content in real time. With wireless and cordless mobility, the SMART Document Camera (also known as a visualiser) enhances how teachers capture and

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Combining Hand Sanitising With Digital Signage

To help customers in every sector combat COVID-19, we are now supplying the latest range of specifically targeted solutions. The most popular solution being the digital advertising / signage display which comes with its own in built hand sanitising station.  To view the pandemic solution range we offer, please click

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live streaming at baxter church

Successful Live Streaming – Church Case Study

The United Reformed Church Case Study The Albany Terrace Church, in Worcester, or commonly known as the Worcester United Reformed Church, is part of a large group of churches located across Hereford and Worcestershire. With ministers in high demand the URC Group are unable to populate each church with their own minister.

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covid 19 solutions

Post-Lockdown Product Range

HTS can help with planning for life post-lockdown by supplying a wide range of products from thermal/ temperature detection units, germ-resistant touchscreens through to partition panels. Our aim is to provide you with products that add that extra layer of protection for your organisation.  Previous Next Covid Protection Barrier. Protect

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Conferencing Meeting Space Infrastructure

it’s 2020, we are in the era of digital transformation! Companies need to be both fast and agile to keep ahead of competition. Those that master the digital transformation will see a dramatic increase in revenues and profitability, while those that do not will struggle to survive.  ZK Research explores

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Ten Simple Rules To Make Meetings Matter

Avoid The Meeting Room Disasters With These Simple Rules. Meetings are a part of everyday life at work, so why do so many of us dislike them? Well, the reasons range from poor planning to wasted time. It may also be the sheer number of them. In the UK alone

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Introducing The New SMART Board – 6000S Pro Series

The Latest Revolutionary SMART Board For Education As part of SMART’s commitment to meet the needs of education customers, they have launched a revolutionary new board, the 6000S Pro series interactive display with IQ. The SMART Board 6000S Pro series is the newest flagship interactive display for education and complements

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