Wireless Presentation.

Plug Into User-Friendliness.

As businesses and institutions are becoming more technologically complex and with the vast amounts of devices, wireless presentation solutions need to provide users with an easy way of sharing presentations, from any device and compatible with any communication platform (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex etc) and meeting room /video conferencing equipment. Our presentation solutions make sure that you never have these meeting room problems again:

Thanks to the serious innovation in audio visual equipment over the years, the art of presentation now relies on just a single click and has evolved to being wireless and instant-on.

Wireless presentation easy to use

OUR Collaboration Solutions.

The combination of functionality and simplicity is very important. It’s our role as AV specialists to design a system that has the right level of functionality and reliability in a form that is easy to use. We aim to bring people, content and ideas together and make sharing easier in every presentation – all with just a simple click!  

User Friendly

Works with a touch of a button. In seconds, you are wirelessly connected to cameras, soundbars and other AV USB-peripherals in the room.


Information transferred during collaboration sessions is protected. 

No Additional Training

Explain once, enable forever. ClickShare fits with a consistent and intuitive meeting experience that allows you to train users on their laptop, enabling them to use that same workflow to start a meeting in any meeting room.

A wireless presentation and collaboration unit that is fixed in a conference / meeting room or as a standalone. These wireless displays collaboration platforms allows participants to bring their own devices without having to physically link them using cables (HDMI, VGA…) and adaptors. The connection from laptop to TV, display, projector is wireless. Content sharing can be done with the button, app or screen mirroring.

clickshare button

Connect On All Devices

Plug it in and share content from a laptop or mobile device.

Guest Friendly

Guests bring their own devices and are often crucial participants in meeting rooms. Use a secure solution, enabling your employees to close deals, meet, brainstorm with guests in and outside the meeting room with only, one single experience for all.


Comes with up to 5 years warranty.

Wireless Presentation

The Benefits...

Wireless presentation easy to use

Effortless Presentations.

We only supply the best wireless presentation devices when we are designing your solution. The presentation system will depend on what you want to get out of having a presentation system installed and the size of your meeting room. There is a great range of wireless presentation solutions currently available on the market, we will guide you towards the one that is right for your application, infrastructure and budget. The top brands we choose to install include:

  • Barco ClickShare
  • Crestron AirMedia
  • Kramer VIA
  • WePresent
  • Zoom

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