AV Solutions for the Hospitality Sector.

Attract and engage your customers with the aid of audio visual equipment. Clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and sporting facilities all benefit enormously by using hospitality AV that includes LED and video walls to advertise products and promote the brand they supply. The overall aim is to promote brand awareness whilst also improving customer experience. HTS can provide a simple signage screen or a complex multi-functioning video wall, all depending on what your business requires. No matter how complex or how simple our solutions are, the result is always the same – a seamlessly integrated, flawlessly operating AV setup which attracts attention, engages customers and creates and unforgettable experience that can not only improves ROI, but also brand recognition. 

video wall displaying a boat at sunseeker london


Having the most cutting edge reliable sound, lighting and technology in an entertainment venue is paramount. Customers need to benefit from the latest led visual, mood lighting and state of the art ear pleasing sound system. Here at HTS, we always think outside the box and often customise and strive to install the latest dazzling cutting edge technology.

Sporting Facilities.

The latest high quality audio and visual systems are now a standard offering in all successful gyms, spa's and fitness centre's. HTS cover all aspects of this sector, ranging from multi zone audio systems, TV & projections, digital signage, wiress micophone systems, portable PA systems & more.

Pubs & Bars.

Entertaining, engaging and providing an all round welcoming experience to customers is key for any pub or bar. With increasing expectations from customers, this relies more and more on technology available. We can supply large LED displays for the biggest sporting events, to seamlessly integrated systems that create the perfect atmosphere for your target audience. Technology plats an essential role in both attracting and retaining the right customer.

Hotels & Retail.

The hotel and retail sector relies heavily on AV assisted brand reinforcement identity. Background music systems can be very important in creating the right atmosphere for your guests and customers. This not only applies to bars and restaurants but shops and hotels as well. A poor sound quality can easily put customers off without realising. If you want to portray good quality shop or a 5* hotel, can you do this with a struggling distorted sound system in the background?