pROVIDING audio visual technology solutions.

For the education sector.

Hadleigh Technical Support are huge supporters of our clients in the education sector and to this day we are dedicated to providing customised audio visual installation packages that are safe, energy-efficient and affordable for the education sector; such as schools, colleges and universities. 
We take steps to ensure an efficient audio visual installation without disrupting your day. We have provided years of trouble-free operations. All our technology systems are user-friendly for teachers and students, and our packages/ solutions can be as simple or sophisticated as you need, while still allowing for future upgrades. 


Over the years, we have installed projectors, interactive whiteboards and audio systems in more than 9,000 classrooms in the UK, both directly and through our partners. At HTS we feel proud to be able to work in schools by helping out with our expertise and quality AV solutions. We supply and install AV equipment and also offer service and maintenance packages.

View the case history for The Lenham School who were after an audio visual solution to make their classrooms tech savvy and engaging for pupils.


Typical Classroom installation.

The typical audio visual technology for the education sector include classroom installation projects, such as but are not limited to:
  • A projector either ceiling or wall mounted, interactive or dry white whiteboard and audio system.
  • Interactive touch screen displays and audio.
  • Interactive projector projecting on a wall or whiteboard.

If your project is different from the examples above, HTS can still help. Speak with one of our experts about your requirements and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.

Typical HALL installation.

We can source, supply and install all the audio visual equipment that you need to transform your school hall. A typical hall installation:

  • Audio – a high quality audio system to provide professional sounding solution for many usages – whether it’s a morning assembly or an awards ceremony. A great audio system will make all the difference.
  • Visual – The most popular hall system we install is projection. We have a range of bright projectors, which can provide a range of connectivity options. We can also provide and install a range of projection screens at custom sizes. 

Around the school.

We can source, supply and install anything audio visual. Whether your school requires:

  • Visualisers, Laptops, Ipad’s, tablet charging trolleys and cases we can offer very competitive prices. 
  • Visitor Entry / Booking Systems – Improve safeguarding at your location by having, live up-to-the-minute visibility of who is on site. 
  • Digital Signage – A fantastic way to welcome visitors, create a great impression and provide useful information to students and staff.

We Are Trusted Suppliers for Schools.

As an IT Manager in a Secondary School, I have had cause to use HTS over a number of years and I can honestly say their service is truly fantastic! Prices are competitive, their knowledge of the industry is great. What more can one ask for? If only more companies were so attentive...