Conferencing Meeting Space Infrastructure


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it’s 2020, we are in the era of digital transformation! Companies need to be both fast and agile to keep ahead of competition. Those that master the digital transformation will see a dramatic increase in revenues and profitability, while those that do not will struggle to survive. 

ZK Research explores the impact of digital transformation a video meeting room infrastructure and shares two different approaches to simplify AV device management. 

Two methods shared include:

  • A ‘top down’ approach which involves connecting the AV devices to a computer in the meeting space via USB ports.
  • A ‘bottom up’ approach where AV devices are independently connected to the network.

Read the report to understand which device management method ZK Research recommends.

Highlights Include

Learn how ‘Businesses that master digital transformation will see a dramatic increase in revenues and profitability..’

Uncover which AV device management approach is recommended by ZK Research – Is it a “Top down” approach or a “Bottom up” Approach?

Learn why organisations with high video meeting adoption rates believe that video technologies can reduce the time it takes to make critical business decisions.

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