Holland House AV Case Study

holland house case study

The Aim: To provide elements of tech without taking away the retreat’s focus!


Holland House stands in three acres of beautiful gardens alongside the River Avon and is situated in the beautiful Vale of Evesham. Since 1946 it has been a Retreat House, offering opportunities for both individuals and groups to visit for a single day or longer retreats. With 27 bedrooms, a beautiful chapel, a variety of meeting rooms and 4 acres of gardens, Holland House wanted that bespoke, budget-friendly, AV solution. From the start of the project clear instructions were set about what Holland House represent and provides its visitors and friends, the clients wanted the elements of tech without taking away the retreat’s focus. Most importantly these needs must perform with the minimum of fuss, keeping stress levels low but offering that visual support when required. Following the site visits and various meetings with the clients, Andy designed and created the perfect solution. The quotation was listed room by room with a breakdown of the AV equipment, its associated installation and cabling. Enabling the client to see the elements of each section and select parts that they may wish to discuss or amend. Above each breakdown, an overview description and any options applicable. After meeting with the clients to discuss the quotation further, the decision was made!

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Technical Overview

The Conference Room

A flexible space which is used for large conferences and meetings.  We supplied an EPSON full HD wide format Epson conference series projector and ceiling mounted it.  New AV cabling including HDMI/VGA/Audio installed and wired to a convenient connection point on the side front wall for easy connection of laptops and other devices.  A wide format electric projection screen was installed to complement the projector as well as an audio amplifier which features Bluetooth and USB player wired to ceiling speakers. Dual wireless microphone kit with headset mic and handheld mic all feeding into a hearing assisted induction loop.  All fitted and secured inside a wall mounted rack cabinet.  A simple, easy to use control panel was installed and programmed to operate the projector, select input sources and control the volume.

Live & Mobile Streaming

For live events and video conferencing, a ceiling mounted Angekis Saber full HD 12 x zoom video conferencing camera with pan and tilt was installed. This feature full auto exposure to cope with the varying room lighting conditions as well as 10 pre-set positions, all controlled by an easy to use remote. A Phoenix beam forming ceiling microphone was added to ensure a clear audio pick up of the presenter and audience.  These were wired to a Reach Bee3 recording and streaming tablet device which allows for live internet streaming and broadcasting live throughout Holland House.  For laptops, a USB connection ideal for when using zoom or other video conference platforms.

Drawing Room

A UHD LG semi-commercial TV was wall mounted with a local HDMI wall plate for the connection of laptops and other devices.  A simple control panel fitted which operates the screen without the hassle of remote controls. This room is ideal as a breakout area for smaller meetings or calm reflection of the day’s events.  Live video and audio streaming can also be viewed from the conference room on this screen as required and especially when social distancing is in place.

Library & Chapel Mobile System

A mobile trolley with a mounted UHD LG semi-commercial TV.  HDMI cabling for the connection of laptops or other devices and can also be used to view the live feed from the conference room.  Being mobile, it can be easily moved into any area to provide an additional meeting room screen or even a stand-alone display to show future events and advertising.  Added to this is a mobile camera which can be used with the Bee3 in other rooms or taken outside for external events.

Whole House WiFi & Networks

A comprehensive wireless network was installed using Ubiquiti Pro access points and switches.  A series of hard-wired points were also installed in the prime rooms to ensure live streaming had the maximum bandwidth.  The house has a variety of building constructions some dating back to the 16th century and some from a few years ago.  This provided a challenging installation with the physical cable running but also wireless coverage.  We used the Ubiquiti WAP’s as these could be tuned to provide the coverage required and teamed up with a cloud licence, enables us to monitor and adjust data usage when required.  Two networks were created, a ‘guest’ wifi and the ‘house’ wifi as EE can restrict the guest data and always allow enough for the offices and business side to operate.

“We’ve completed the installation of some wonderful new I.T. equipment. The equipment allows us to hold online events, either via “Zoom”, or by live-streaming onto our YouTube account. It also allows people in one room (say the Drawing room) to see what’s happening in the Conference Room and so be a part of the event. This allows us to social distance quite large groups by splitting them into smaller ones – clever stuff!”

Revd Ian Spencer


Warden @ Holland House

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