What is a Huddle Space?


What Is A Huddle Space?

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To get a good idea of what a huddle space looks like, imagine the way a family might huddle around a fire, or how a sports team might huddle together to plan their moves. Just as the name implies, joining a team together through mutual collaboration. Huddle spaces are small meeting areas found in open plan offices or a small meeting room that can accommodate a small number of people. They typically enable users to frequently have quick discussions or meetings when required.  Huddle spaces are equipped with the latest technology:

  • Video Conferencing equipment,
  • An Audio system,
  • An Interactive or Traditional Whiteboard,
  • LCD or LED monitors.

Regardless of your industry, you need to consider the best solution on how to create places for your employees to communicate and collaborate easily. For some, this means considering developing spaces like the ‘huddle space’ instead of multiple large conference rooms.

Why Huddle?

So, what are the benefits of huddle spaces? 

Though different companies might discover different advantages, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Huddle Spaces make the most of the office space– Businesses often focus on designing one extravagant boardroom packed with the latest technology, this is not just an inefficient use of space; it can also cause issues when boardrooms become double booked due to lack of suitable or available meeting areas. Huddle spaces are ideally suited to conduct those small and impromptu daily meetings. This means less meetings where three people are sitting in a large conference room because it was the only space available.
  • Huddle Spaces encourage interaction and creativity – Not only do they provide a more casual and comfortable environment for smaller groups of people to meet, but they encourage participants to be more involved, upfront with their opinions, suggest ideas and brainstorm with ease.
  • Huddle Spaces allow effective cooperation, without distraction – It creates an intimate space where employees can easily get together to participate in brainstorming, sharing content, making decisions, problem-solving discussions, webinars, sales presentations, job interviews, or any business face-to-face interactions without any noise and distractions involved.

“HTS can fully prepare your meeting areas and provide your personnel with a space that will inspire, enhance and encourage collaboration between colleagues.” 

– Matt Hooper; Director of HTS

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