Introducing The SMART Document Camera 650

smart document camera

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The latest product launch for EdTech!

The SMART Document Camera 650 -
Get hands on with digital learning...

Create dynamic, multimedia lessons with hands-on, interactive content in real time.

With wireless and cordless mobility, the SMART Document Camera (also known as a visualiser) enhances how teachers capture and display live images and video with sound. Teachers use the SMART Document Camera to show printed documents, objects and even microscope views anywhere in their classrooms, creating an interactive experience with SMART Notebook software.

  • Get Connected…

Connect digital learning to the physical world. Digitally capture and share hands on teaching to the SMART Board for high quality instruction, even while video conferencing. 

  • Get Simple…

Do more in the classroom with a document camera that is easy to setup, use and maintain in flexible and diverse classroom configurations.

  • Get Engaging…

Engage students with dynamic multimedia lessons and rich Ultra HD instruction for every grade and subject area. 

Visualisers benefits

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